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Saturday August 02 2014 

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Welcome to the Dragons.
Jun 12, 2014, 4:33 pm

 I'm very pleased to introduce Mary Strickland and Allison Blackwood. Mary is joining our pitching staff and also has very strong defensive skills and swings a big bat.

 Allison is a former Cumberland University pitcher that has earned several honors such as 2014 Capitol One Academic All-American, All Mid-South Conference and several other awards.

 Please join me in welcoming the newest Dragons!

Life of a softball Dad.
Mar 5, 2014, 10:01 pm
She was once a 3 year old little girl with a new glove and ball. She put it on the wrong hand and probably even upside down. That didn't change her excitement. First dad rolled the ball. She bent down to get it and missed. That didn't change her excitement. Eventually, she would learn to stop the ball so she progressed to pop ups and playing catch with dad. She missed more than she caught and took... a few licks along the way. That didn't change her excitement. She eventually got a bat and a helmet. She stood on the wrong side occasionally and mixed her hands up when placing them on the bat. She missed more than she hit when dad pitched. But that didn't change her excitement. Park and Rec came calling and she tried her hand at the game. There were more losses than wins and with dad coaching a little more criticism and praise. That didn't change her excitement. Her friends came and went. Some enjoyed the game, some didn't. Some excelled and some didn't. That didn't change her excitement. Next came school ball, travel ball, and maybe even college. But through it all her excitement never changed. You see, she sees softball as a little girl playing catch with her dad in the yard. It wasn't just about the success of making the diving catch or hitting the game winning homer. It wasn't the pitching shutout or no hitter. Through all the highs and lows of the game, she just wants to be that little girl playing catch with her dad. It isn't about the big win or the demoralizing loss. It is about dad and daughter. It is about daddy's little girl being daddy's little girl again. She just wants to play catch.
    - A Facebook post

Meet the newest Dragons!
Feb 25, 2014, 5:26 pm

  I’m pleased to introduce the newest members of the Dragon family, Shelby Williams and Allison Lambert. Shelby is a force behind the plate, has a great attitude and swings a BIG bat. Allison brings accuracy and speed to the mound and also hits with power. I feel both will be important assets to the team. WELCOME LAMBERT AND WILLIAMS FAMILIES!!

A Word About Hustle
Nov 4, 2013, 4:16 pm

   Missed opportunities happen all the time in life, even in softball. Some opportunities are invisible except to the most prescient people. But many others can be exploited if we only have the conviction to "go for it." How many times in softball have you seen fielders defer to hitters - jog and then retrieve pop flies on one hop that could easily have been caught, or sometimes even give the ball "right of way," literally jogging alongside the hit ball until it slows down? You must remember that EVERY PLAY of EVERY GAME is an opportunity for EVERY PLAYER to make a contribution. Occasionally, players in game situations choose to alow line drives to one hop because they're afraid they'll botch the catch. You are encouraged to PUSH THE ENVELOPE DURING PRACTICE!!! Eventually, what was once unattainable will become routine.

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